Sunday, June 17, 2018

Motorcycle EMT? They've got the 1st aid bags, and O2 bottle... isn't that odd?


  1. There have been bike paramedic in the UK for years, There was even TV program about them a few years ago. Here is a like from 2009 :-
    We even have paramedics on pushbikes :-

  2. Yeah, they became more and more popular. Outside long tradition of bike ambulances they get that popularity because in limited space of urban areas they can arrive on accident scene much faster then van ambulance that may get stuck in traffic. They can stabilize patient and give him first aid waiting for proper ambulance. To my knowledge they are rather unknown or very rare in US, what is IMO rather weird with all those large urban zones and notorious traffic jams.

    I'm afraid article is only in polish but in this case google translate did a good job. BMW EMT bike on Motorshow 2017 with some interesting info about capability of bike, on 70km radius they are faster on scene then helo... that's impressive.

  3. People certified as Dan O2 medical divers carry that sort of equipment when on dives. Maybe on the way to the dive locker for an outing?

    1. That could be... medical diver? I've got to look that up