Wednesday, June 20, 2018

more flooding photos

Michigan Tech University's admin bldg... the dorms are all built on higher ground

the above is looking downstream from Mt Ripley, into what was Cynthia's back yard.

the house above, on the right, the light tan one? Cynthia's.

The water first went crashing through her house, and woke her up by knocking over her fridge. That's in the middle of the night... scary as hell to wake up to a flash flood running THROUGH your house

Above is the far side of her house

 This is her back yard, and one of the worst of the flash flood rivers which destroyed her ground level floor, and the below photo is the debris field in her front yard and street, that was all washed down from her back yard

 and below, further downstream, and that house on the right is her house again


  1. The first two links didn't work but the last two were amazing. Restores my faith in humanity when the chips are down.

    1. they are working... sorry they didn't operate correctly for you... they are the sources, and I probably shared the best images from each.
      Look at this link for the great people who volunteered to help