Tuesday, April 03, 2018

They are still out there coming out of decades of use as "hunting cabins" where they were bought new (or used) and brought to the northern states so hunters and their wives could camp in comfort near friends and have a ball while on fall vacation

above spent 35 years as a hunting cabin

and this one is selling for 3500.



  1. I wonder if some were cut up a few years back when scrap aluminum was sky high?

    1. I bet the ones that are in terrible condition (most) were.... so many people just left their campers in the backyard and forgot them after the kids grew up, something changed to make camping impossible either financially, or with the family (death, wheelchair, etc) and then so many started leaking, mold n mildew... there certainly are a lot that are just in a state where no one would enjoy using them to go camping. No doubt a lot get recycled.