Friday, April 06, 2018

Niece had to sell her Uncle's estate, including this 5081 mile 440 six pack, 4 speed, Road Runner, still on the factory original tires for 42 years of storage

and that, right there, is the poster child for hanging onto cars that you're never going to drive, enjoy, or sell.

She put an ad on that briefly described a B5 Blue Road Runner, with one picture in of a quarter panel.

The woman was representing her uncle who was in his mid-80s and had been placed in a nursing home with dementia. She was put in charge of his estate being as she was his only living niece.

When asked to send a few pictures of it including the fender tag, she asked how the hood can be opened.

Yeah. It really happened.

Why did he park the car? He lost control in 1974 when accelerating, and the skinny tires lost grip and the back end came around on him. He had other cars to drive, so the RR got parked


  1. I have a couple of old cars, and I will never sell them,

    Every one Ive ever sold goes up in value 100X a few years after I sell em.
    after watching Wayne Carini tell a seller their car wasnt worth much, and talked them into selling it to him for $35K, then he flipped it for half a million, hes a liar and a thief, who knew what the car was worth

    none of my cars will ever be worth that much, but no lying scum flipper is ever going to get rich from my junk.
    it will rot into the ground before that happens.

    1. I called him on that shit too! That was a Stutz, and I posted about that bullshit