Monday, April 02, 2018

the search is on for VWs that were at Woodstock

A couple of college freshman at the New York Maritime College began a project to track down cars that actually carried concert goers to Woodstock.

More specifically, they are trying to find any Volkswagens that might have been there, bugs,  microbuses or even squarebacks.

“We got to choose the topic of our project, which was to choose an artifact and add to the significant body of knowledge to it,” says Stephen. “Our professor had told us that he sought interest in finding Woodstock vehicles, mainly Volkswagens that were there. He said that it was a fun project that he didn’t take up on, so, a colleague and I decided to follow up with it. We’ve been doing research on it for about two and a half months now.”

We are looking for picture proof, verifying that a car was, indeed, at the concert, or abandoned on the side of a two-lane road in New York for three or more days some 49 years ago.

He mentioned a couple of other project examples that students have done over the years, ranging from attempting to find a historically significant military sword to someone discovering a NASA space capsule on a Pennsylvania farm about to be sold for scrap, but which has since been saved with the help of his professor.

If you want to help this young student out, contact Stephen via email:


  1. Hi Jesse,
    You've probably seen this already but I found it very endearing.