Friday, April 06, 2018

Sometimes it's really strange to see trends, like, today I see that all week long the traffic to this blog have been steadily increasing, almost linearly


The long graph is a close look at the past week.           
The short graph is the entire week at a glance, a bit averaged out, and show that plotting the numbers shows a distinct steady rise in traffic. How odd. What in the world causes things like that?

I mean, normally, most people do things daily or weekly. And aside from those that pop by the blog daily to see what I've posted, the rest of the traffic here I've assumed was just the result of people googling.

Neither explains a steady day by day gain of 200% of traffic. (I think that's the right way to express it, since it was about 200, then 400 then 600, then 800, then 1000 at a time interval that Google uses to monitor blog traffic)

Anyway, just odd thing that I noticed. 

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