Tuesday, April 03, 2018

From a field in Lithuania, came a rare prototype VW that most people would ignore and not recognize as significant... the 1938 body was the 52nd, which was manufactured by Reuter for Porsche... and it got resurrected (thanks Snoopy!)

page one above was posted in 2009. Then there are about 200 photos with congrats, and nothing much about the car, so you may wish to skip to page 202 unless you want to waste time with people asking the same questions over and over, and lots of bickering about whether or not it's right to ask how much it was bought for, then traded for and then how much it's worth when restored.

which back in 2003 looked like this:

it's really no wonder it wasn't recognized as a 1938 VW

what was left of the original metal once all the decades of repairs had been removed:

around page 203 the body work photos get added to the thread, and you can appreciate the great work that was done to make it look new again

to page 226 was posted in 2015

and in between is a whole lot of reading I'm going to do before posting this so you can jump into reading it too if you'd like to

around page 33 they get the car to Germany, and then they got to acquiring parts....  an original pre-40 Chassis at ebay, a complete gearbox of the first serial and a complete chassis. An original engine cast in 1939 and most of the small stuff like handles, winders or switches


and there was so much demand for the thread, and all the info and photos, to be made into a book, that they did.

in English or German



  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Being in Lithuania explains the condition, you have to marvel a bit at the ingenuity. Front engine was no doubt added because the VW parts were impossible to acquire, also is interesting is the gas filler coming out the rear part of the roof! Not sure about the front fenders, almost look like they came off of a Morgan, but that couldn't be. Oddly enough we have all of this improvisation to thank for having the car left to preserve. Rather like the '36 Toyota AA found in Russia.

  2. The front fenders were adapted from a GAZ 69.