Thursday, April 05, 2018

How about that... my old Challenger made it onto Up In The Rear, but like always, no link to, nor mention of, my website they got the photo from.

way back in my youth and days of being a low ranked low paid E-4 in the Navy, stationed in Pearl Harbor and living in the barracks... I went though a couple rattle can gray Mopars with 340s.

This car received the slotted mags off my Dakota, N50s in back, new with Pro Street Racing profile tires on new rims that I bought from a guy who'd laid out serious money for this pair for his 68 Road Runner and THEN found that in order to get them on the car he'd either have to stick on some air shocks, or cut to widen the wheel wells... so he sold them to me for 150 bucks.

The front mags I got in Ohio on the roadside, while driving cross country and they were uni-lugs. I'd never heard of uni-lugs at that point in my young 20 years of life, but car parts companies still had the 2 sets of washer for off set or centered holes.

For some reason the back of the hood never did get bolted down right

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  1. Jesse, just tell folks the back of the hood is up for cooling! When I vintage raced my XK120 the best mod I made for engine cooling was hinge spacers to the back of the hood 3/8". That put a lot more air through the radiator by eliminating pressure buildup in the engine compartment.