Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Earnhardt at 60 mph sitting on the door sill, wiping down the windshield.

After a crash happened in front of Dale Earnhardt during the 86 Richmond race, Dale climbed onto the side of the car steering with only his knee

His car was covered in mud - and he hollers on the radio, "Richard, I need to pit."
And Richard says, "Dale, I'd hate to come in and pit, lose all that track position."

And Dale comes on the radio and says, "I'm gonna be off the radio for a few minutes."

And then you see Dale driving with his knee and got one head and he's cleaning the windshield off.

you can see the video clip at start at 10 seconds

you can see the windshield moment from the drivers side of the car, from some camera on the opposite side of the track in the video below (Thanks PDV!)

and though they don't show him sitting on the window sill, they mention it at 22:22


  1. they mention it at the 21:00 mark but I didn't see it either. maybe not in this clip?

    1. That's what I'm thinking. I didn't find where the exact race was specified, and when the youtube screen shot for this race is the windshield cleaning... it made me suppose that this is the right race, but maybe it isn't

    2. It's at 21:30, but not the same camera angle