Thursday, March 29, 2018

two trucks circled the block repeatedly to "roll coal" on "March For Our Lives" protestors in Steamboat Springs

some people lambaste this guy, 20 yr old who got a ticket, and others applaud him

Seems like there will always be someone who is upset, and someone else who is happy, with someone else protesting. No matter if it's with a sign, or with truck exhaust.


  1. That's not protest, it's assault.

    1. then so is the noise from the people standing and yelling. Either people sit quietly, or, we allow them to aggravate others. Ghandi had it right. These people are equally guilty of obnoxious behavior under the flag of "peaceful protest" that simply irritates others to innovate a retaliation in an attempt to persuade the first group to shut the fuck up and stop annoying the peace and quite. As a matter of fact, I'd rather the police arrest anyone making noise as a breach of the peace, and instigating a riot. Then people would get the damn message, maybe. The smart ones would, that peaceful protest ends when you make noise and irritate the innocent bystanders who have JOBS to do that day. The only people having protests are the out of work assholes. Just like that sit down antibanker protest known as the 2011 Occupy Wall Street. Those people didn't have jobs.

    2. and though you may have a legal technicality on the word assault, you're wrong. You know it. Assault is physical damage and bodily harm. They aren't getting any more harm from that drive by than they are the hours of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc etc from standing on the sidewalk next to traffic. Diesel exhaust solids aren't either CO2, nor CO. It's an aerosol pollution at worst.
      1. make a physical attack on.

      1. a physical attack.

    3. Consider... the word assault in a phrase like assault rifle. Seems most people believe that calling something an assault means it's far deadlier than a regular killing machine. So, really, using the word assault anymore confers military intensity warmachine killing quality. A drive by smoke bomb? That's nothing more than a moments unpleasant smell, like a walk by revenge fart among frat boys.

  2. Jesse, that's like saying that the only people concerned with privacy, are the ones who want to hide something illegal.

    1. I'm sorry, I may bee too tired to get it, but "that's like saying" refers to what? Something I said, something in the article, the other commenter? I don't know.

    2. You're right, I should've been more specific:

      "The only people having protests are the out of work assholes. Just like that sit down antibanker protest known as the 2011 Occupy Wall Street. Those people didn't have jobs."

      A lot of working stiffs protest too, loudly, for causes that we may or may not agree with. But then that's their right, at least in free societies like ours. As for deliberately driving by with an illegal exhaust system, in order to spew noxious fumes in peoples faces - that's a big step up from confronting protesters with a counter-demonstration.

    3. so blanket statement of protestors who stand around all day or all week protesting something, being out of work, is the same as saying people concerned with privacy are trying to hide illegal stuff. Umm.... nope. Lack of evidence on the privacy people, factual standing around evidence with these protestors, and especially the Occupy Wall Street weeks on end campers. If you're able to show up all day and protest whatever? You're clearly not at work. Things in most American jobs are not easy and wonderful with days off work. Most people get 2 weeks a year or less, here in the USA.
      That's 10 workday's, not 14 calendar days. 1/3rd of a month, not 1/2

      And I haven't known anyone in 28 years of working that can take time off work to protest social justice warrior style, we simply have too many things we need that vacation time for... kids, conventions, vacations if you're lucky enough to be that rich, the flu, the dr visits, vet visits, getting your car worked on, etc etc etc

      Ergo, my opinion, protestors don't have jobs. Unlike people on the other continents, there aren't many mass protests in the North American continents. It's not some small country where everyone is only hours away from an event, and can easily hope a train to join in, then be home for supper.
      It's a 3 day, 80 mph drive to get from the west coast to the east coast. So, round trip that, and if you wanted to be in the Washington DC protest at the Capitol, you're not at work for 3 days there, 3 back, one day to protest, ... call it a week.
      Maybe rich people can take a week off for a protest, but us poor people have to stay at work to pay the rent, the cell phone, the car payment, the car insurance, the gas, the repairs, the credit card, the internet, and misc. We can't afford to protest social justice warrior style. We can't afford to take a week to go to Burning Man, SXSW, hot August nights in Reno, Speed Week at B-ville, Pebble Beach week, Good Wood Revival, etc etc.
      I'm lucky to be able to be at SEMA, Comic Con, and D23. And I can't afford my own apartment. I get to do those 3 because SEMA and CC are press pass free, take 8 work days, and CC is here in my city. D23 is 1.5 hours away, and SEMA is 6 hours away in Vegas and I split the hotel with a friend.

      So, that sums up my opinions and thoughts on protests... if you're able to get to protests, more than one a year, you've got a lifestyle that allows and works for you. Bravo, and I hope your protests have rewarded you with a change for the better toward the goal you desire. Here in the states? The minority protest for change, as the majority allready have what they want, that's what makes the situation status quo for a vocal minority to pitch a fit to get their way.

      So, a lot of working stiffs? I doubt it.

      As for the drive by, it didn't spew fumes, it spewed particulates. That means solids, and that is why we can all see the black stuff.

      Also, it's not an illegal exhaust system that causes the black smoke known as "Rolling Coal", it's a smoke switch that fools the engine into thinking it needs more fuel, which lets out the excessive amount of diesel needed to belch clouds of black smoke.

      So, not illegal exhaust system, not fumes.

      It's harmless, as the DOT has refused to even test for pollution levels from diesels, until about 4 or 5 years ago. So clean an exhaust they didn't bother requiring an emissions test.

      Would those people stand by a roadside if they were concerned with exhaust fumes? Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, are colorless, odorless, and in the emissions of every vehicle that drives by all day long while they stand there.

    4. Ergo, they were getting a huge dose of deadly emissions from the normal traffic. One guy driving by, even two guys in separate trucks, belching black solids? Not as harmful as a days worth of normal exhaust from all the traffic.

      Is that drive by smoke a big step up from standing in the faces of the opposition, while screaming and spitting and having high blood pressure? Um, not in my opinion. No one gets disease contagious saliva in their eyes and mouth from the truck driving by. No one gets punched, kicked, or shanked with a protest sign handle by a truck.

      Counter demonstrations, are useless. No one gets convinced to leave the protest by some group across a divider who has nothing intelligent to counter the protest position. It's yelling mooks vs yelling mooks. Not a civil discourse where clever witty insults are hidden among "See here, my good man, I do protest the cut of your jib. Uncivilized uncouth behavior wasn't tolerated by your mother, was it? Then desist! Behave like a gentlemen!"

  3. no different that a city bus driving by

    the real shame here is these people are not protesting for vouchers and school choice, to be able to attend any school they want.

    a system that works pretty well for college, since the state colleges have to compete with each other and with all the private colleges.
    but for K-12, there is no competition, so the schools are horrible.
    sending your kid to a govt school is basically child abuse.

    I may send the guy some money.
    but he should go to court, it might be hard to prove WHO was actually driving the vehicle.

    the crazy part is those liberals thinking that one more law is going to stop some nutjob from doing that again.

    the school failed, the cops that visited his house 38 times failed, the FBI failed, the school cop who was a complete coward and ran away when he should have ran in and engaged the nutjob, failed.
    but if we only had one more law....

    if the nutjob had used 5 gallons of gasoline, would these liberals be wanting a law limiting the size of a gas can to 3 gallons?

    they can turn the schools into prisons, which they really already are, and some nutjob would just steal a loaded dumptruck and knock a bus load of kids off a bridge.

    the mandatory attendance laws have some blame for this.
    go to school or go to jail, go to the school some bureaucrat decrees that you shall attend, or you go to jail.

    want to go to a school where your friends attend?
    or where kids dont bully you?
    too bad sucker, you go where we say, or you go to jail!

    want to drop out and get your GED?
    sorry, not allowed to take the GED until your 20 years old.
    want to take the test that seniors have to pass to graduate, a couple years early and graduate early?
    sorry, not allowed.

    its all about the money, the state pays the school based on the number of students, if they allowed the smart and motivated kids to graduate early, the state would reduce the money

    has none of these liberals ever wondered why shootings dont happen at private schools?
    because private schools have discipline.
    that nutjob would have been expelled from a private school years ago
    in fact if he were white, he would have been in jail years ago, but Broward County has a "promise" program where black and brown kids dont get charged with crimes they commit.

    1. Damn right.
      I never thought about the private school issue, that's an astute observation.

  4. I'd like to see someone do that to the fools with a manure spreader. Honest officer the PTO "accidentally" engaged when I hit a bump.

    1. Ha! Lol... like the other week when I posted the video of the guy sending the manure all over the local town hall in England when they got him hopping mad