Thursday, March 29, 2018

How some cheated... and got NOS routed to the carbs/intake so expertly that tech inspectors never found out

One was hidden in the battery box

Another was hidden in the brake booster, and routed to the carb/intake through the vacuum line

Another, and this is very complex, was that the NOS was stored in the weight bar at the rear of the car “The nitrous line started there,” Super Stock reported in the fall of 1995, “went over the rear axle housing right up to the front. It ended at the motor plate, which was rifle-drilled. One of the supports holding the hood scoop was also rifle-drilled. This tall slender rod delivered the nitrous to the top of the hood scoop via a small stainless steel line that terminated with two jets centered over the carburetors. With those two 0.029in jets we made 120lb ft more torque at 7,000rpm and averaged 90 more horsepower.”  

Bob Glidden later declared the nitrous oxide system in Rusty's car was detection-proof.

To prevent a tech inspector from activating it by switching on the ignition and opening the throttle, a combination of events were required. “The shock switch had to be on, the computer switch on, the engine running and the throttle fully open. Trust me, this isn’t fiction,” Glidden concluded.

"They will tell you it's totally impossible to run nitrous and not get caught'' Glidden said " but thats wrong, thats flat wrong. A Ford with nitrous bumped me outta the field at Topeka last year. A Ford out of my own trailer. So nobody can tell me it can't be done. I know it can be done."

Bob Glidden told a incredible story of how his kids had bugged him for 18 months, convinced that some Pro cars were running nitrous and that he was missing the boat by not running it too.

 "I told them if i had to cheat to race i'd quit" he said "My kids know that: " if you think other people are doing it then go ahead, prove to me you can do it. But keep in mind that if you get caught you're going have to deal with the consequences; So they did and never got caught"

Then came the bombshell--- an admission at Indy by Rusty Glidden. With his confession came a detailed description of how the nitrous system was secreted in his car.

 According to Bob Glidden , the nitrous system was detection proof. "you had to have a combination of things to activate it so a tech guy couldn't walk up , turn on the ignition and open the throttle. The shock switch had to be on, the computer switch on, the engine running and the throttle wide open. Trust me" Glidden concluded " Thats not fiction""

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