Friday, March 30, 2018

1959 Old Yeller II at Goodwood 2013, with white walls. Ever wonder why there are whitewalls on this dominating innovative race car?

Max Balchowsky was one of first using a Durometer to check softness, and when studying tires found that the softest compound and happened to be Goodyear whitewalls that were made for station wagons.

Everyone was using hard tires worrying about "blowouts" in the 200 mile races of the day, but didn't have the traction for cornering that Max wanted.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Makes me wish there was still a series where this sort of creation could still happen. Other than LeMons, no one is allowed to be this creative with the parts that are available, and one's car savvy.

    1. no racing series allows "whatever you dream up and bring to the track" that I know of or can recall. Pikes Peak and land speed racing are still open to anything, but they aren't racers vs racers.
      Can Am was the last I think. I think the Indy 500 had a position open for anything back in the day, but I haven't heard of anything innovative in a long time