Wednesday, March 28, 2018

a one off Rolls, that was the result of 4 years of collaboration between the owner and the RR company has some remarkable features

Built to special order for one fabulously wealthy customer, this Phantom Coupé-based cruiser deliberately looks like a luxury yacht at the tail end, has pop-out attaché-case holders, and the rear seats have been junked in favour of a polished wood speedboat deck with an illuminated, glass-lipped shelf.

The owner worked closely with Rolls-Royce over a period of four years to ensure that every detail was just-so, from the mechanism that delivers a bottle of Champagne at the touch of a button, to the natty bullet-tip brake light.

Tthe panoramic glass roof is the largest and most complex ever fitted to a Rolls-Royce, and the hand-polished billet aluminium radiator grille is also the largest they've ever crafted.

and FYI, SSBB has thrown in the towel after 10 years of blogging. Damn shame, they were consistently good content. 

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