Monday, March 26, 2018

Pure Vision's Road Bee, a 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner body and a ’69 Dodge Super Bee front clip

Something I hadn't noticed before, the ’69 Dodge Coronet/Super Bee door was the ’70 Satellite/Road Runner/GTX door over at Plymouth.  

Owner Mike Jadon on the unusual combination. “I was liking the ’70 Roadrunner and the ’69 Super Bee after seeing the Petrol Charger [also built by Steve], so I gave him a call,” Mike says. “I was raised in the Canoga Park area of California, which was filled with street machines like this one. To me, that early ’80s look has always been the quintessential look for a muscle car.” Mike also remembered doing a little street racing with his uncle in a ’69 Charger in the late ’70s. They got beat by a four-speed Coronet, so Mike made sure his build had a stick.

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