Sunday, March 25, 2018

they can run at night with the lights on, but does it make any sense? Isn't running electric bikes, in order to get off oil based fuels, conflicting with burning (wasting) tankers full of diesel to generate illumination to see them race?

When Qatar hosted its first floodlit MotoGP event in 2008, it took 5.4 million watts of power, generated by 44 huge diesel-burning 13-megawatt generators.

The conflict occurs when the floodlit Qatar GP and MotoE will be part of the same championship.

If the floodlights burn for 20 hours during each Qatar GP weekend you can guess 108MWh per weekend.

And if  you assume that a MotoE bike uses 2kWh per lap, then that 108MWh equates to 3000 laps by the planned grid of 18 bikes.

If the MotoE bikes complete 30 laps of practice and racing per round, then one weekend’s worth of electricity at the Qatar Grand Prix equates to one hundred MotoE rounds.

They plan five MotoE rounds next year, so one Qatar GP consumes as much electricity as 20 seasons of MotoE, stretching all the way from 2019 to 2039.

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