Monday, March 12, 2018

Shouldn't they be able to do better at programming the TPMS computer than this?

how is there only 1 low tire, when both back tires are at the same pressure? How are the front tires not also alarming when they are both 19 psi less? Maybe they aren't supposed to be as high pressure as the back tire... 


  1. 80 psi!?! Pick-up trucks run 80psi?
    I don't even put this much in my bicycle tires.

    1. it's ridiculous how tire pressures vary now!

  2. -different size front and rear wheels/tires

    -when scanning and resetting tpms, some systems require adjustment to each tire before moving to the next

    60-80 psi is common in highly tuned suspension systems. Look to the right; that speedometer is calibrated to show high speed (60 mph is at 10 o'clock on the dial).

  3. I thought maybe this was a Dually truck, but they actually run lower pressure in the rear tires. This is probably a 1 ton truck. I found a forum poster saying that his Duramax truck says 80 rear / 55 front. Probably for carrying a heavy load in the bed.

    Maybe the alarm has a digit after the decimal point, but the display doesn’t. The left tire could be 78.1 and OK and the right is 77.9 and showing low.