Monday, March 12, 2018

Pony car sales compared (thanks Steve!)


  1. International sales. I got a story for ya.

    Friend of my friend saved money to buy the first of new gen Mustang. You need to import it directly from States, only used cars were available in Europe in that time. So he finally got the cash, find the proper car dealer and buy one. They put it in the container, load on ship and off he go through Atlantic... in season of storms.

    After transport reach the destination, he ride to the port for Custom check. They open the container and it was nightmare. Mustang was not fastened well and it fly all over container for weeks of transport. Wreck, one big massacred wreck. Dude was big, tough mam... he start to cry like little baby, even the Custom officer was sad.

    Luckily he bought insurance. It take some time but they did pay him more then he spend on that Mustang. So of course he buy another one, better one! And this time he hired a special person who made sure the car was well prepared for travel and in calm season.

    1. Thanks for the story!
      Awww man, I feel for him! That's a lot of hope and anxiety getting smashed around when the car arrives in bad shape!