Wednesday, December 27, 2017

These are cute, but after buying them for 1150 USD, I doubt they'll ever be used to boil water for tea time again


  1. I don't think you actually boil water in a teapot, you boil it in a kettle and pour that into a teapot.

    1. Seems like a step that wastes time to me... but then, I don't drink hot drinks. Not hot coffee or tea. I like both cold. I like Coca Cola or a frappachino even more, or even better, Georgia brand canned or bottled cold coffee

    2. Real tea, not the floor sweepings in those little bags, it put in these pots, whole leaf or lightly crushed. It is steeped in these fancy pots, and poured into cups at the table. You would have used a small soup spoon sized strainer to strain the leaf bits out of the liquid.
      They are for presentation.