Wednesday, December 27, 2017

this is pretty close to being straight out of a movie.... as obviously, this CHP is an idiot. 1) there are 100 bikes, and one cop car 2) use your radio ya idiot, and even up the odds 3) do NOT try to hit a bike and gt the bikers pissed at you

original video is over by 4:25

2nd video, also worth watching, over by 7:20 and the rest isn't worth wasting your time on 


  1. Officer Cartmann seems to be having trouble with bikers respecting his authoritay.

  2. Sure CHP might be an idiot - but these bikers are a-holes. Sick of this crap on the highways with these large bike groups doing whatever they want putting themselves and everyone around them at risk. I am a rider - this makes us all look bad.

    1. I agree with SR.

    2. the world is full of people that make the rest of us look bad. People from your city, state, country, hobby, ethnicity, religion, etc etc... there isn't a thin we can do about it. These mobs of young goofballs causing trouble on city streets and freeways is a couple of years of recent history