Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Did you know Jack Brabham's amazing achievements?

Start with this, he's the only Formula One Drivers Champion to win by pushing his car over the finish line. His Cooper had run out of gas 500 yards from the finish. So what else was there to do but push the car the 3/10ths of a mile, and win.

There are only 8 F1 champs that have won the championship more than once, and Jack did it 3 times.

He's the only one to ever, or will ever, win the Formula One championship in a car he made

After Fangio, he was the second driver to win three drivers’ titles.

After retirement Brabham sold his team to Bernie Ecclestone, and went on to be the first F1 driver to be given a knighthood, in 1979.

He was also a a flight mechanic in the Royal Australian Air Force

here he is with teammates Moss and McLaren

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  1. I was privileged to meet Sir Jack Brabham a few times as he would often attend motoring events here in Sydney prior to his passing and was often generous enough to have a conversation with me although his hearing was not 100%.