Monday, May 01, 2017

Toyota 4 runner... takes a beating, shrugs it off. The Honda? Ummm, that ain't gonna drive again.

You guessed it, no drivers license, no insurance. Borrowed her sisters Honda, and it's not known why she tried to drive through the 4Runner, but it's either asleep at the wheel, texting, or not seeing where her car was pointed.

Now... do you notice this was at an intersection? Good thing it wasn't people walking across the intersection that she plowed into

She didn't even touch the brakes... no skid marks.


  1. North Carolina tags. I live in North Carolina and see drivers texting often. It's legal for a driver to talk on a cellphone in this state. Very few drivers signal lane change or turns and 2 to 3 times the posted speed limit is the rule. I drove trucks in the military and a patrol car in my police career. I do nothing but be in control of my vehicle when driving and follow all the rules. My sister, in all seriousness told me: "You're gonna be the cause of an accident because of the way you drive".

    1. I disagree with her. But, she might have a point based on morons that can't share the road with a responsible driver who could run into you while they text.
      I'd sure like to know what keeps the cops from standing at intersections and writing out tickets for no turn signal, broken brake lights that don't work, talking on cell phones and not using seat belts.
      All of those are easy to see when standing at a stop light, or on a freeway entrance ramp that is being metered.
      In no time at all the dummies would learn their lesson, and be better drivers.
      It would also cut down on the uninsured drivers, any found would be off the road when their cars get impounded.
      Anyway, you stick to being a good driver Eddie, the country needs more guys like you.
      What was your military time? Mine was Navy, the 90s, submarines and military police.

    2. Active USMCR 1960-1965 I forgot the exact MOS, but I drove duce&1/2 and 5 ton trucks.

      I drive as little as possible since I can't change the way other's do. 15,800 miles on my 2013 Scion XD.