Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Marc just noticed the Smokey Yunick sign in Cars 3! ! ! How'd I miss that?

Compliments to Pixar for the respect they showed to Smokey...

It's Smokey! Dang, that is straight incredible attention to history and respect for the source!

Smokey is a 1947 Hudson truck and old friend of Doc Hudson. In the movie, Smokey also operates his own autobody shop, Smokey's Automotive Services.

 And they got Chris Cooper to voice the Smokey character... very cool. I've enjoyed Chris Cooper in several movies, Horse Whisperer, Bourne movies, Lonesome Dove, but especially Lonestar.

Smokey Yunick was the engine builder for Marshall Teagues "Fabulous Hudson Hornet"

Herb Thomas, Marshall Teague, Tim Flock, Dick Rathmann and others would give Hudson 80 wins from 1951 through 1955, dominating the sport and forcing the Big Three into providing factory support for stock car racers running those cars.

Thomas sold his 1952 FHH when he got a new Hornet in 1954, and it slipped into obscurity, and was driven on the street by new owners that had no idea that under the paint was a championship winning race car.

It came up on the radar in the 70s when an owner learned it had "severe usage parts / race car parts" and 10 years later he sold it as it was not running, and taking up space.

The guy he let slip the secret to was the last Hudson dealership proprietor, and he bought it from the owner in the 80s, but stored it for another dozen years, and finally restored it for the 1998 Eyes On Design car event, and other cool shows that appreciated the history making race car.

They are also honoring Bruce Meyer's Manx number 1!

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