Monday, May 01, 2017

Hyundai is demonstrating the strength of the Elantra compact’s chassis by stacking seven Elantras on top of it.

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. put the claim of strength to the test, by stacking approximately 27,780 lb of cars on top of it.

The test was conducted in late February at Hearn Generating Station, a decommissioned power generation station in Toronto.


  1. Volvo did that too a while back. That clip starts at 7:18:

  2. This is all well, if you are gently stacking cars on your own car.

    Lets see the Elantra get dropped upside down from 8 feet...

    Like this Saab, from an episode from Top Gear a few years ago...

  3. 27,780/7=3968

    Holy cow, an Elantra compact weights two TONS?

    Ditto what Andy said: Physics 101, Baby. I'm calling BS on this, putting it on-par with the SmartCar's titanium chassis ad.

    1. those aren't compacts, they are 4 doors. Regardless, the weight is between 2800 and 3400 pounds according to a variety of websites. So... the math is off.
      I bet if you parked one next to a 68 Camaro, 67 Mustang, etc, they'd be about the same size

  4. Jesse, don't know Hyundai's product line so no clue what category they fall in (mid-sized today means compact, just hit a car rental to see that in action). That said, from the post's title: "Hyundai is demonstrating the strength of the Elantra compact’s chassis". Regardless, two tons is porky for that car. My Toyota Land Cruiser is a full sized SUV that seats eight, has a V8, and weighs 2 1/2 tons.

    1. Cars aren't light anymore... no one seems to make a small compact unless it's some weird Smart for 2, or Fiat 500. Name a Ford 2 dr. Mustang. Big car, nothing like a 65 Stang size at all. 2 dr VW is the Beetle... it's like the 60s bug was pumped like a balloon. 2 dr Chevy is the Camaro and that is bloated... or the Vette, still a tiny little thing. 2 door Dodge? The Challenger or a truck. Big beasts. No one wants to make a tiny 2 door any more, the econo box seems to have mostly disappeared, because there aren't any American cars that are small 2 drs... not from the big 3. The Local Motors isn't small, nor the Tesla, etc etc.
      If you want a small econo box, your options are pretty limited on what you can buy in America.
      As for what a rental car company labels anything, well, I don't give rental car companies the respect needed to set the vehicular world's definitions on anything. Just a lot of minimum wage workers that have to wear uniforms and their name on their shirt.
      Compact means compact. It's the result of a car crusher - compacting that scrap heap into a cube. Compact is the tiny make up kit with a mirror women use. Compact ain't no 4 door. That is, and always will be a sedan.

      And your land cruiser is a box that is mostly empty space. That's why the car weighs nearly as much