Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I got bad news for California car owners, drivers, and gasoline buyers. The tax on gas is about to go up - but isn't required to be spent on fixing roads. Plus there is a new $100 annual fee for electric car owners coming in 2020.

What can Californians (and those passing through) expect to pay? The bill includes the following:

A 12-cent increase on the gasoline tax, which brings it to $0.30 per gallon. (There's also a variable excise tax of 17 cents per gallon included in the legislation.)
A 20-cent increase on the diesel tax, which brings it to $0.36 per gallon.
A $100 annual fee for electric car owners.
An increase in registration fees that ranges from $25 to $175, depending on the value of the car being registered.
The gas and diesel taxes kick in this fall, on November 1, 2017. Registration fees go up as of January 1, 2018. The electric car assessment is delayed until 2020 so as not to dissuade consumers from purchasing EVs.

The new gas tax, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown Friday, is shocking because money generated from the new gas tax will be sent to the California general fund, which means there is no guarantee that the money will be used strictly to improve the infrastructure of California roads.

 California already pays one of highest gas taxes of any state in the country, but it has the worst roads despite the higher taxes.

So, what's being done? Recalling politicians starting with the guy that cast the deciding vote. Firing him from his lucrative job tells the other politicians that citizens are serious, and the revolution is underway, so unless they revoke, repeal, and kill this new tax, they are next to be fired.

The revolution intends to recall Senator Newman from office causing Democrat to lose their Super Majority and they will be unable to raise taxes on their own accord.


The governor and legislative leaders gave nearly $1 billion to specific transportation projects in the districts of legislators who had been on the fence before voting for Senate Bill 1.

That's right, they demanded pork projects to buy their votes.


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