Thursday, May 04, 2017

And now they have announced the 3 hosts of Top Gear America. I almost feel sorry for them.

Drag racer Antron Brown has a reputation from his terrific top fuel career.... I imagine he's got a great personality to match, most drag racers seem to be fun people.

The actor in the middle? William Fichtner, I bet you recognize his face, and can't think of a single car related thing he's ever been known for, but... he might be a terrific wit onscreen and enthusiast for all the adventuring a Top Gear show brings.

The last guy on the right? From Top Gear magazine. And that means what? No idea, I've never heard of it.

The Stig will be present, and Top Gear America will feature a celebrity guest each week in the brand new studio at Speed Vegas.

Will the BBC devote some serious assets to getting the best writers possible to make a smashing show that brings the fun back? Yes, most of the show is improv, no time for prep... but, a lot of the success of Clarkson, May and Hammond was that they were damn witty, knew how to concoct scenarios that would result in ratings, and they have the interpersonal chemistry that just works.

Will a drag racer -  who is always solo in the vehicle, an actor whose lifelong career depends on the writers material, and whoever that 3rd guy is - have the on screen chops? It's possible. Imagine if they had Mike Rowe, Norman Reedus, and Bryan Cranston though...


  1. The last Top Gear America was utterly unwatchable. Its not only the chemistry that is important, its the setting. Only those living in England could come up with a segment that attempted to determine whose communists made the better cars-Britain or Russia? Or turning a Reliant Robin into a space shuttle?

  2. Adam Carolla was cast in the pilot episode for TG USA years ago.

    he is a car guy and is a writer and is funny
    they missed their shot at a successful show,

    1. That's might have been a good choice.