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For the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Chicago to Aurora, Illinois line, the Chicago Burlington and Quincy 5632 was painted gold for fan rides, and reached speeds of 90 mph

Chicago Burlington and Quincy 4-8-4 5632 blasts under the Santa Fe at Bucklin, Missouri, November 1, 1964.

 The 5632 was on a roundtrip excursion between Kansas City, Kansas, and Bevier, Missouri. The steamer was painted gold in honor of Kansas City Union Terminal’s 50th Anniversary.

The CB and Q started using 5632 on fan trips when she was hauled out of retirement for a November 2, 1958 re-enactment of the run of the Aristocrat from Chicago to Galesburg.

Occasionally, the CB and Q ran doubleheaders. During one trip the 6315 had a mishap where she lost both of her eccentric rods. 5632 saved the day by pushing the crippled 6315 to Galesburg while towing the 18-car train.

By 1961 she needed a major overhaul. The superheater coils were reworked, the firebox was rebricked, the boiler was relagged, 97 staybolts were replaced, and she received a new paint job. All of this was done at the Galesburg Shops.

In 1964 5632 was painted with temporary (water-based) gold paint to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the CB and Q's suburban service.
Chicago - Aurora runs were made on May 20, 1964 (a mid-week trip - on the actual day) and on May 23rd. The May 23rd trip consisted of a record number of passengers (about 3500) for a CB and Q fan trip (22 coaches were used).

By June, 5632 was once again painted black. However, 5632 was again painted gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of Kansas City Union Station with a trip to St. Joseph on October 31, 1964 and a trip to Bevier, Missouri on November 1.

The trip on November 1, 1964 proved to be 5632's final (CB and Q excursion) trip for when she returned to Galesburg, she was stored unserviceable with no further extension on flue removal. In 1965, a class 3 overhaul was authorized by retiring president, Harry C. Murphy. The CB and Q shop forces at West Burlington had removed the flues and fire brick. However, the CB and Q was unable to recruit the 14 men that were required to put 5632 back into service and in 1966, new president Louis W. Menk ordered the repairs to be stopped.

after storage and neglect, it was sold for scrap to pay the storage fees

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