Friday, March 10, 2017

Kooky looking gasser '66 GTX, gotta love it

Wanting to make something goofy, Jeff bought a 273 Satellite, and sent it out to get a few crazy upgrades, a 572 dual quad hemi, the straight axle and steering geometry challenge, and the paint job to set it all off.

750 hp to the slicks, though an 8.75 with 3.91s to the period correct Ansen Sprints

full article on this purple beauty at

it might be me, but this is an instant reminder of the 2013 Plymouth gasser bubbletop in green that Hot Rod featured, and was an indelible mark left on the minds of many HRM readers

even used a kid and wagon in that photo shoot. Coincidence?  and 


  1. It's even the same garage!

    1. You son of a gun! How'd you notice that! Dang! I need you to scout for the Marines or something, cause you don't miss a thing!