Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sam Posey's mother

Bought him a gull wing Mercedes when he was 14, (he still has it, pictured above) he practiced, and bingo. Racing legend.

She was old money rich, and bought stock in Lime Rock, and then bought Sam a Formula Vee, and he was given special permission to race on test days, though he didn't meet the SCCA requirement of being 21 years old

 In 1967, he was the first driver to lap the 1.5-mile Lime Rock course in less than a minute.

She drove a Superbird to pick up the grand kids at school and drop them off.

By the way, Sam won an Emmy for sports writing, the 1982 Indy 500 commentary.

Sam's dad died on Okinawa in '44



  1. Sam was on a tv documentary about model trains.
    He was in a wheelchair....what is the man suffering from ?

    1. parkinsons, for the past 20 some years, and a crash recently was mentioned in the Automobilemag.com article