Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finally, the restoration in complete, and a 2nd PT boat is once again roaring over the waves.

The boat operated in the Mediterranean along the coasts of southern France and Northern Italy during World War II, conducting more than 77 offensive patrols and operations. PT-305 fought in 11 separate actions and sank three German ships during its 14-month deployment.

After WWII, PT-305 acted as a civilian tour boat in New York Harbor and a fishing charter, while falling into disrepair. The New Orleans museum purchased the boat in 2007 and since then, a volunteer team of 202 people worked 105,000 hours at its restoration pavilion to get PT-305 back up and running.

Thanks Steve!

PT 658 is also operational in Portland


  1. The Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio is restoring PT-728. They had it in the water last year, but they have to rework the bottom of the hull because the marina that did the work didn't do it right. It sounds like they won't be in the water until next year.

    1. Great news! Thanks! I'll check that out right after lunch