Tuesday, March 07, 2017

1967 GT500 427 Drag car (1 of 1)

This car was built for a friend of Caroll Shelby, Clint Lunham, he was a banker in San Francisco at the time. clint wanted to drag race and asked shelby to build him a car.

Shelby wrote how he wanted the car built and what modifications. the engine was a Cobra S.C. lightweight 427; aluminum heads, water pump, balancer, Holman Moody 2x4 intake custom headers and exhaust system, heavy duty radiator, no p.s. cobra oil cooler, remote oil filter, C-6 modified by D and H hydro, 3000rpm stall converter, Ddetroit locker 411s, under ride traction bars,shock towers were cut just above a-frames and plated up to the top to make room for spark plug access and headers. the rear wheel wells lips were cut off, raised and spread a little over an inch and welded back on, still looks like a factory opening just bigger.

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