Sunday, March 05, 2017

a couple great old bloggers have paved the way for us, but left us to carry on alone. Lung cancer.

"The Presurfer"  and  "Nothing to do with Arbroath"
Both of them were terrific, and both are now proverbial empty buses on the side of the road, without drivers or motive force and will likely be forever more just tombstones making libraries of the incredible efforts of their masters who gave us years of entertainment and education

Farewell friends, authors, innovators, and contemporaries. I hardly knew yea

on that note, I've often discussed with friends what the hell will happen to my blog if I suddenly kick the bucket in a car collision or whatever.

No one wants to take it and run with it. So, if it seems like I've disappeared for an extended period of time, and it's not SEMA, Comic Con, or D23 times... then wish me well, for I wish you the best


  1. S'funny you should mention that just now, as I wrote about the same subject in the most recent Nimbus motorcycle club magazine. Yeah, what will happen to al that good stuff - archives etc. - when someone internet-active guy disappears? I have a lot of stuff on my computer, and before going off on a motorcycle vacation a few weeks ago, I left an updated last will & testament, with clear instructions about what to do with my blogs etc.

  2. I guess we'll have to take out a $10,000,000 insurance policy on you to preserve the blog. ;o)

    1. wait... I have to die for that to pay out right? Bruce! Whatcha doing to me man?!?!