Sunday, March 05, 2017

Phnom Penh's No 1 Ladies Taxi Scooter Agency

In Cambodia's capital, motorbike taxis are everywhere - but it's extremely rare to see women drivers transporting tourists.  Katya Cengel is the young entrepreneur trying to change that.

Renou got the idea after an aunt told her about schoolgirls offering a moto taxi service in Thailand.

Having ridden a motorbike since high school, and having studied English in college, Renou figured showing tourists around her city would be a fun way to earn money as a good business opportunity.

In 2015 almost five million tourists travelled to Cambodia, according to the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism.

"Tourists like girls who drive slow, not weave in and out of traffic," said Ly, who keeps a stack of Moto Girl Tour brochures on her desk. The Moto Girls may be on to something. In early 2016 Vespa Adventures motorbike tour-company opened a branch in Phnom Penh and began hiring both male and female drivers, says Alex Meldrum, the manager.

An American man founded the original Vespa Adventures in Vietnam. But a Cambodian woman who plans to hire mainly female drivers in the group's other Cambodian location  via

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  1. Got back from Hanoi about an hour ago, a city where motorcycle taxi are pretty common. Had no less than two such taxi-ladies ask me yesterday, if I needed a ride.