Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Update on the Elio Motors concept car company, they still aren't in production yet

2 years ago they had a publicity blast, http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2014/10/news-on-new-prototype-getting-ready-to.html that they would sell cars for around seven thousand dollars, it would get around 80 mpg, and then for the last two years.. not much at all has been seen or heard about them. Seems once they hit your email inbox, and you don't donate to their cause, they move on.

Well someone else seems to want to build a similar small single occupant 3 wheel car, but electric, and it got me wondering... what ever happened to Elio?

So I looked over at their website, and they still haven't gotten into production yet. They still have just the one prototype it seems and that is just now getting tested in the hot / cold operations. http://ir.eliomotors.com/press-releases/detail/51/elio-motors-finalizes-second-engineering-vehicle-ships-it


  1. They actually have made some progress. They have been bringing a car to our local car show for the past couple years (http://iolaoldcarshow.com/) and I have spent some time talking with the reps.

    Besides the testing you mention, this year's car had noticeable design tweaks and improvements. The biggest being their own engine installed in the car rather than last years proprietary lump. Building your own engine is pretty good progress.

    Originally I think they had a date of mid 2016 to start production which I was told this past summer is now 'early' 2017. I personally doubt that date will happen, but I hope they can start production soon. They are cool little cars and I can just imagine a race series with a dozen of these things buzzing around the track. That would be a blast!

    Plus my 15 year old really wants one for his first car.

    1. right, about the engine... but why in the hell did they waste time and money on R&D for their own engine. Do you have any idea how many engines have been designed that would fit in, and do the job, for this one car? I'll just say, over a hundred. VW, Franklin, Mazda rotary, probably every motorcycle motor ever, and then you have outboard motors, gen set engines, etc. Why blow millions reinventing an engine. And then having to have hundreds of parts newly designed and made... every gasket and maybe even bearings. Cams, cranks, pushrods? Lots of parts... not off the shelf from a reputable supplier with QA and QC. Makes no sense. How long will it take to prove out the engine alone? Then the trans? How long to find the parts that can't take the heat, distance, vibration, fuel from gas station X, etc? Does that seem smart to you? As for racing, yes, I agree, just like they used to do with VW bugs, Messerschmitt Tigers, and Isettas

  2. No argument from me on the engine, I agree 100%. Seems like a very large risk to try and produce your own engine when you are just getting started. They could easily start off purchasing an engine from a automotive source(they are not using any motorcycle parts). Then once they start making a profit they could develop their own engine.