Wednesday, October 12, 2016

banners from September and the 1st 1/2 of october

Coming up soon, my favorites from the past 10 years


  1. Really glad you post these because even though I check the site two or three times a day (or more), I still only see about half of the banners. (I sometimes have the same banner showing for two days!)

    1. Some are only up for a couple hours to go with a particular post, and then I post something else, and think of or find, another cool image for another post. So, around once a month I post all the recent ones so you all can see them, and so I can use them from other computers.

    2. yesterday I finished looking through all the old banners... all 7 or 8 years worth... and picked out the ones I liked the most. All 300 of them, and then tried to delete the ones that weren't as great as the others. Now I'm down to about 200, and I plan to post them as part of my 10th anniversary "hooray" posts.