Wednesday, October 12, 2016

evolution of the trunk

roughly still a steamer (steam ship) trunk, fabric exterior, weatherproof,  placed on a platform added to the car, and opening the rear most side of the trunk

to painted the same as the car, or to accentuate the car colors, and being partly top opening, in addition to the rear side

to top opening 

to growing to the size of the entire back of the car

and then becoming part of the car bodywork, but clearly still an addition to the passenger compartment

All images but the very last from my "trunk" tagged posts of recent years  

and the last image from


  1. I used to discuss this with a British co-worker. The use of trunk makes good logical sense because of this history. I don't understand where "boot" came from.

    1. Limeys... why can't they just speak English?!!?!