Monday, October 10, 2016

Ross left the rat race, and opened a speed shop, named it for his grand dad. Damn, I respect that.

see the video, 6 minutes long, on Hot Rod's website, but beware. The effing volume is instantly MAXXED OUT for the opening commercial for Optima batteries... and then, of course, it's half that loud for the video when you;ll probably need to turn it back up. I hate that overloud commercial bullshit. Radio, tv, and now the damn internet? There ain't no way to escape the assholes that program.

The video is in some offbrand video player that no one else uses, and has no embed or share ability, so - in order to get traffic to their site, they aren't making it available anywhere else, so you have to go there to view it, but this is a cool story

through out the video, the guitar and louder and twangy, so you might want to adjust the volume constantly

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