Monday, October 10, 2016

To celebrate the end of the Land Rover production they put together a recreation of the 1948 Series 1 assembly line.

they had some trouble coming up with original parts, so they hired local expert and collector, Phil Bashall, who started his fascination with old Land Rovers at age 13 when he assembled one from parts. They also had the help of  the  Land Rover Series I Club, and Roger Crathorne, who is known simply as 'Mr Land Rover', was born in the same town as the Land Rover factory, and joined Land Rover as an apprentice in 1963. He retired in 2014 having completed 51 years service.

Phil had a large number of the 'nuts and bolts' he needed tucked away in his own 'Aladdin's Cave' of Land Rover parts - he has amassed over 8,000 original parts but it was still a long and painstaking search to find all the brakes, clutches, gaskets and pedals required for the exhibit.

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