Monday, October 03, 2016

the tent for Omega, Nova, Apollo owners with a occasional camping trip in mind

Nova, Olds Omega, Pontiac Ventura II, Buick Apollo were all basically the same car. They weren't the 1st with a tent option though, the AMC Hornet got one a couple years before these GMs did, and the 1968 Bonneville had this a lot earlier


  1. And those weren't the last of the GM tents. The Pontiac Aztek could be ordered with an optional tent as well. Sadly, the tent was far better looking than the car that it was attached to.

  2. GM gave them to us here in Oztralia too, Torana hatchbacks had one called the 'Hatch Hutch', also available the HQ Holden Panel Van had this as an option. Chrysler Australia also did a version for their Drifter Panel Van.
    Rare as hens teeth these days.