Wednesday, October 05, 2016

one of the last of the old junkyards is closing, after 55 years in business

Photos by Ron Kawakle in 2006

Gus Miller's Old Salvage yard is getting parted out one last time, this Saturday, Oct 8th, 9am

The auction is mainly comprised of 1940s-1950s GM vehicles with a little bit of everything mixed in. There are around 100 cars that Miller drove in over the years.


  1. I always found wandering amongst dinosaurs theraputic, a bit like walking through an overgrown cemetary.
    How nice would it be to see a place like this fenced off and preserved for future generations to visit. Shame it cant stay like this for another 40-50 years.

    1. agreed, me too. There is a place in Georgia, and a couple in Europe, that were shut down a long time ago, and just let photographers in now. No parts for sale anymore. Just click on the "junkyards" tab, and look around