Thursday, October 06, 2016

pause for a moment, while I offer a toast to Brock Yates

Stalwart enemy of the 55 mph speed limit, creator of the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea-Memorial Trophy Dash (a.k.a. The Cannonball Run), and editor of Car and Driver Magazine....

has went on ahead to make sure the coast is clear for the rest of us to come speeding in, smoking the tires on a sideways slide to a stop, laughing and high fiving, saying "Man what a ride!" 


  1. May he rest in peace. Many fine articles and books were written by him, a favorite of mine was Outlaw Machine. A historical commentary on the Harley Davidison lifestyle and how it developed.

    1. Huh, I hadn't heard of that before! But that was long before I got interested in cars

  2. Perfect Jesse! Best tribute I've seen yet!