Friday, October 07, 2016

Hey... where did everybody go?

I was taking a moment to kick back and enjoy other peoples blogs, and discovered it has been a long time since I did that. And a lot of bloggers and car and bike website people have given up.

I went to Lowtech, who was doing over 150 posts a year, now does about 15.

So I looked over at the blogorama list of recommended sites at Lowtech..

Speedseekers                                Still posting
Le Container                                 Still posting
The Selvedge Yard                       Still posting
THE LAST DON                         only 3 posts this year
Working Class Kustoms               Still posting
Wheels Are Everything                Still posting
Flake Kings                                  Still posting
Stylish Kustoms                            Still posting
ScooterMcRad's Whatchaworks   similar to lowtech, was over 150, now, barely 11 a year average
OldGoldGarageCo                        Gave up in 2015
The Digital Milk                           Gave up in 2014
Autoculture                                   Gave up in 2013
Los Boulevardos                           one post this year. Probably gave up
Sugar City Speed Shop                 not even online anymore
Kustomgonzo                                not even online anymore
Smokin Blog                                 Gave up in 2015

So, 1/2 the sites in LowTechs Blogorama gave up. Lowtech either doesn't notice, or doesn't care that it's favorites list is only 1/2 alive.

What happened? Did the glam wash out when Jesse James packed up and blew away like a tumbleweed to Texas, and the other chopper show American Choppers shut down due to bankruptcy? American Hot Rod shut down either due to bloatation or when Boyd died, but once the Discovery Channel shows ended, so did a lot of blogging.  Maybe it's just coincidence, but when the inspirations and constant attention to the tv show world went away, it looks like the bloggers packed it up and went away too.


  1. Hey Car Guy, check out my Poppa Wheelie Blog
    I have been blogging practically everyday since 2008 concentrating mainly on Motorcycles and Cars. I have been enjoying your Blog for years and check it daily. Keep up the great work and keep on Blogging!

    1. thanks! Since 2008? And you still won't drop a "found on" courtesy link. Huh. That's just uncool. You've got nice content, but man, it'd be nice to see tags so I could browse hot rods, or coverage of Evel

  2. Jesse, 99% of my content are my own photos and if not I try to give credit where credit is due. I see my photos all over the internet and I don't get given credit for them anywhere. It doesn't bother me one bit. Every photo entry in my Blog is free to download and share. That's what this whole thing is about.

    1. Sure, well, it's that 1% that earned your admiration, and the places you found those 1% ought to have earned your respect for creating that cool stuff you liked so much you felt compelled to display it. The fact that you mention others using your photos seems to contradict your emulating them and not giving others the credit you mention being deprived of. Be the change you want to see happen. At worst you'll improve the internet a bit and be a good example. As for giving credit where its due, I know I blog a lot, but I still recognize what I alone put on the net that you've reposted without a kind word. Since you came to me and mentioned enjoying what I do, take as little time as a caption requires and mention it when you repost from my, or some other, blog. for example and for another, and that is just the first 5 pages of your site.

  3. I sure appreciate what you do, Jesse. And I'm sure there's a lot of other lurkers like me who do also, but seldom comment.

    1. thanks, and people who don't comment aren't lurkers, they are travelers. They come, see, enjoy, and move along. Sometimes they come back if they enjoyed what they found enough. There's nothing negative about reading and roaming. Lurking sure seems to have a negative connotation

  4. Did they go to facebook?

    1. Maybe, Magnetic Brain did.