Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Fast As The Wind / Veloce come il Vento

of course, it makes more sense if you can speak Italian, or get the captions to display in your language, but it looks like a damn good movie.

The film tells the story of Giulia, who comes from a family of motor racing champions, a driver in training by Mario's father.

One day everything changes and Giulia has to face alone the track and life. Complicating the situation, the unexpected return of her brother, former champion, but drug user who threw away his racing career, but with an extraordinary sixth sense for driving . The two will be forced to work together, while they discover how difficult and important to be a family.

The nine-time Italian rally champion Paolo Andreucci  was the on set "mentor" during the shooting, and also a stuntman in scenes requiring its presence.

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