Sunday, September 04, 2016

Unrestored 5100 mile 1961 Renault Resort by Ghia is for sale (49k) at Symbolic Motors. It spent over 50 years at an Italian estate

Resort Specials were assembled by Carrozzeria Ghia of Turin, Italy. It appears that this is one of the few that remained in Italy from new, apparently having been purchased by a wealthy family with a large estate in Tuscany. It remained there for more than 50 years

Very similar to a Fiat Jolly, a golf cart type vehicle meant for playboys and vacation resorts in the Caribbean. Some were found to be perfect for taking aboard yachts, so the yachters would have easy stylish transportation when they pulled into ports


  1. You should ask them if a little angry white haired man with a moustache who chases classic cars has been in contact yet?

    1. that little rich jack ass only snags up from poor people. He does not pay full price. He's accomplished a lot on his own, give him his due respect, but, I just can't seem to fin anything likeable about him.

  2. Oh, he's slippery alright.