Friday, September 09, 2016

a big scoreboard, and I can't make out much. The Captain Jack

the top area is 4 lines deep,
under that  are parachutes *(combat paratrooper missions)
under those are gliders towed, (Combat glider missions)
under that is a train and baggage cars, two line deep (combat resupply freight hauls)

I can figure these out because Steve hooked me up with a key:

Steve was curious about Capt Jack, and found out he married Betty in 1937, had some kids, became a TWA pilot after the war,

and died in 1970, the same year this very airplane was sold to the Dutch govt. I wonder if they have any idea that this ol warbird was a decorated vet?

In 1998 the Dutch Dakota Association acquired it.

 KLM was a major sponsor of DDA and this aircraft was painted in KLM livery until recently when KLM terminated its sponsorship, and it flew sight-seeing and promotional flights. It's now in Dutch Dakota Classic Airlines colors

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