Tuesday, September 06, 2016

"the OX will make such a difference to so many people and that it has no competitor in any part of the world." Professor Gordon Murray, designer, who created the legendary McLaren F1 supercar

The world's first flatpack vehicle that can be put together in 12 hours, designed for low-cost all-terrain transportation in Africa

Three people can put it together in 12 hours using all the parts which are packed together – many inside one another - in a clever compact kit form.

Called the OX and expected to cost between £10,000 and £15,000, the innovative British vehicle has been created by F1 and supercar designer Prof Gordon Murray in conjunction with entrepreneur, philanthropist and former pilot Sir Torquil Norman.

It is designed to provide a low-cost, back to basics, all-terrain small truck that can operate on and off-road and help communities in remote parts of Africa and the developing world to transport water, food, medicines, fertilisers, building materials and people. But it is also expected to attract farmers and land-owners in Britain and Europe who want a low-cost load-lugger.


Thanks Steve!


  1. Nice idea, neat looking vehicle, probably top notch design and quality considering the design input from Mr. Murray. But with the current exchange rate they're talking $14,000 - $20,000. Not what I would call low cost for remote African communities.

    1. Nope... this is all about trying to get charities to buy them to deliver goods to African tribes. This vehicle isn't even in production, it's just prototypes to get investors. No one has desire to make these and risk a fortune that there will be none purchased... so they are going to hope the free publicity drums up some rich tree huggers, save the world types, who want to get goods delivered to the African outback small towns with undeveloped roads

  2. The design looks a lot like a VW Basistransporter, like one that was recently on BaT.com. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_EA489_Basistransporter#/media/File:VW_Hormiga_front_left.jpg

    $14,000 - 20,000 is expensive for that area, but it is probably cheaper than the Toyota pickups and Land Rovers that are the go-to vehicles in the 3rd world.