Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fresh rebuild, start of a cross country Cannonball... anda pushrod went through a full gas tank with no handy fire extinguisher resulted in fireball. Rider is fine, bike is likely to need everything replaced behind the yoke, and there is a fundraiser to help out the wonderful guy that struggled so hard to make this happen

John Pfeifer has an enthusiasm and passion for old bikes that's very contagious. If you've had the fortunate opportunity to cross paths with him, or see his last year of bike build on his Facebook page you know what I mean.

 John spent the better part of a year and a half restoring a 1916 Harley and preparing to compete in the cannonball.

 After all his hours of preparation and travel things came to a bitter end on day one of the race when due to a malfunction his bike went up in flames. Not only did he lose his opportunity to compete in a race that he was so passionate about but he also lost a bike that he loves so much.

 We cannot give him back the opportunity to compete in this year's cannibal but if we all come together and give even in a small way we can help lighten the blow he's been dealt.

So Jethro made a page to raise enough funds for John to be able to rebuild his bike and compete again in the future to complete his dream.


  1. Oh, now there's a sad story for sure.

  2. John said it was an escaped pushrod puncturing the fuel tank .

    1. i looked through a lot of posts that he and others put up on his page, and even texted with him, and a pushrod wasn't ever mentioned. Very frustrating to see a disaster, and everyone has so much consolations to offer, but they don't mention what happened. John said he was still in shock, etc, but didn't mention the cause either. From thousands of miles away, it's frustrating to see a disaster and not learn what happened. Thanks for the answer! I also just found out there is a fundraiser, so I'll be adding that to the post also