Thursday, September 08, 2016

the hope for a buried crated Spitfire still lives on, only it's become a basis for a documentary now. Not that they'll find one, but that they can make money on filming the search for one

Broken Wings Trailer from Broken Wings on Vimeo.

this group has been working this angle since the turn of the century, and their back up plan if they didn't find a crated Spitfire was to do a documentary on airplane wrecks.

"The plan is to produce a network based series that explores some lesser known wreck sites throughout the South Pacific and pull them together under the Wreck Adventures banner."  

"The Wreck Adventures team travelled to Espiritu Santo in early December to recce a number of sites throughout the island and shoot some preliminary footage to help nail down the Wreck Adventures concept and put together trailers and previews of the upcoming series. It’s going to be an exciting production featuring remarkable stories, some of which have never been documented before."

Filmmakers and aircraft enthusiasts James Carter and Karl von Moller have been researching the history of the missing planes in order to make a documentary, ‘Broken Wings’. James Carter says the missing planes have become folklore in the town.

“In 2000, we heard some incredible stories about Spitfire aircraft buried in the ground near Oakey. The more we researched, the more we felt the story would make a remarkable and exciting documentary,” he said.

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  1. Their buried under 'The big W'....