Thursday, August 25, 2016

this is just terrific! Shovelnose and Handlebar... what a great way to get to thank Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna for a USO tour stop at Furth in Germany in June '45!

A photo recon P-51 in the 10th PRG, 12-E Squadron, belonged to Lt Ed Kenny

Hope who wrote about it in his 1945 book So This is Peace. In it he wrote: "From Darmstadt we went to Furth, and did an hour or so of stuff for the HQ men of the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, a P-51 Mustang fighter squadron [sic]. The first thing I saw when I landed was a Mustang with me and Shovelsnoot [sic] painted across the nose. My attorneys are still trying to contact the pilot, Lt. E. J. Kenny. I'd have dealt with him myself, but he was a pretty big guy and I wanted to see Berlin with both eyes." 

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