Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the P 47 Magic Carpet, 175 missions replaced most everything at least once

That's why the wings are bare metal and the fuselage is painted.

After combat damage repairs and replacements of
3 right wings,
 2 left wings,
2 engines,
2 tail sections,
3 sets of gun barrels,
2 sets of landing gear,
2 canopies plus an instrument panel and fuselage tank.

The airplane was gifted by her support and maintenance crew with a new nickname: the "Flying Spare Parts Section".


The pilot, Harold Holt, started a business while still in college, selling rugs. Hence the nickname of his airplane, the Magic Carpet. He ran the business until 1990.

On July 11, 1944, Col. Holt's squadron and another squadron discovered a line of 60 German tanks - unknown to U.S. ground forces - advancing on Isigny, a town in France. Despite driving rain and intense antiaircraft fire, the squadrons destroyed 35 tanks and ended the threat.

through 133 low level combat missions; part of 156 fighter bomber missions, he was awarded 28 Air Medals. That's one ribbon, 27 gold oark leaf clusters. I'd like to see how the hell he displayed that. He was awarded many other medals, including the Silver Star.


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