Thursday, August 25, 2016

car salesman beaten and kidanpped during a car test drive in southwest Houston.

On a Monday night in Jan 2016, a guy asked to test drive a Dodge Challenger.

"I knew that guy was a little sketchy when I first met him. He kept on talking weird and I thought let's just go on a quick test drive and come back," Martinez said. When they began the test drive Martinez says he noticed two men in another car tailing the Charger.

Then, the salesman said the driver pulled over and hit Martinez. Before he knew it, two guys from the second car were on him hitting him and then throwing him in the trunk.

From the trunk, Martinez called 911, set up the "Find my iPhone" app on his cell, called the cops and let them know  the situation and description of the car.

When the driver stopped, Martinez popped the trunk, pushing a button. He says the kidnappers had a gun, Martinez grabbed it, and shot one of them in the neck.

The suspects drove off and left the victim behind. Police used the victim's phone, which was still inside the stolen car, to track the suspects. Police caught up with them, but they gave chase. Police followed them until they struck a postal truck. At that point, the suspects jumped out of the car and disappeared.

Police found Martinez walking along the freeway and drove him to a hospital to check out his injuries.

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